At EML we coach people at two key stages of life – moving from education to the world of work and later in life, moving on from the end of your ‘primary career’. At each stage the same principles apply – the need to establish and maintain a balance across key aspects of life, more surprising perhaps, is that the challenges can be equally daunting!

Those leaving formal education in 2019 face the prospect of 70 years of working life ahead of them with retirement coming, if at all, only when they can afford to do so. Those reaching 60 in 2019 face the prospect of the next 30 years – they don’t feel ‘old’ or ready to retire, yet, possibly for the first time in their lives they must think about what they want to do.

One approach, that is equally applicable to both groups, is to consider where they want to be in 10 years time. Where do they want to be and what are they proud to have achieved? With this as the goal it is simply a question of working backwards to work out how to get there. Here are some thoughts:

• Find someone 10 years older that you admire and ask them how they got to be there
• Don’t just ask them the route, but also any highlights and regrets along the way – success often comes at a cost
• Think about your health. With 70 years of work ahead it’s important t look after mind and body while those reaching 60 may have some damage to repair – 30 years can be a long time to live with a self-inflicted ailment.
• Money is a concern at any age – whether you have it or not! – your worries may be different – the anxiety is just the same
• It’s the people you choose to spend this time with that are important

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