Navigating Living Longer

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Learning new skills

One of six personal skills needed for making the most of living longer is Embracing Change . It is almost inevitable, the longer we live, the more change we encounter. Yet not all change is good, and embracing change just because it’s there is a fools game. The skill is is retaining an open mind […]

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A different perspective

A client asked me to review a document. In building a portfolio of activities for his second career his love of driving classic cars had led to a role driving wedding cars. What wasn’t anticipate was the very special relationship he built with each bride. Picking them up from home signalled the end of months […]

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One final misery….

My interest in longevity was peeked by a friend, a Chartered Surveyor who looked after large Scottish Estates. He shared a completely different way of thinking about life -where ‘family’ was more important than the individual and every member was ‘expected’ to do what they could for the common good. The Chinese express the same […]

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