In a bid to embrace change (or is it accept the inevitable!) I am in the process of giving up my landlines, bidding farewell to the two strands of copper that first arrived in the house almost 100 years ago and replacing them with a single glass tube – not much thicker than a human hair.

Arriving down this glass tube, travelling at the speed of light comes vast amounts of data – more than enough to service the 35+ devices my family increasingly rely on to manage their digital lives. The technology comes with the promise that this is just the start. While the old copper wires had reached their limit this new technology is increasingly becoming the only connection you need.

When my daughter moved into her new home recently the only connection she wanted was the fastest broadband possible. Th previous owners had left the home ‘fully wired’ for telephone, hi-fi, TV, satellite etc. etc. – all now redundant it seems!

While I am a little nostalgic for the old telephone ‘number’ I won’t miss the scams and marketing calls. In 20 years time the next generation will marvel at the idea that their grandparents would telephone a building rather than a person. Ho Hum!