Want to know why the world around you keeps changing?

We explain how the ‘rules of life’ have changed and give you the tools to work with them.

Fed up with being ‘a victim’ of change? Take charge and make it work for you.

We work with you to determine what is important to you – and then make plans to deliver

Are you frustrated by clients who simply won’t make a decision?

We show you how to look behind the immediate decision - to their motivations - and by helping them clarify what is important, give them the confidence to act.

Why choose EML?

Built on 15 years research into the global phenomenon of increasing life expectancy

A tailored service – bespoke presentations, 1:1 coaching, business consultancy

Long term positive impact – for our clients and those who are important to them

A holistic approach – focusing on understanding the underlying ‘drivers’ behind every ‘big’ decision we face, and gaining the confidence to take those decisions

Learning through doing – exercises, games, simulations – having fun!

Making a difference

The time I spent with John, talking about and then planning the transition from my working life to that of retirement was invaluable. You may think ”no worries I now have all the time in world, I will see how it goes” . Well you may be fortunate and enjoy good health and have that time but you may not ! In any event will you be fulfilled ? Listening to and setting out a path to your retirement ambitions is essential.

Managing a working career involves many factors and decisions; the move to retirement is very similar. In both cases being organised with objectives is just a start. EML guided me very professionally through this process and I would thoroughly recommend their services.

Martin Ashford - ‘Retired’

About EML

EML was established in 2010 to find out how the global trend for living longer is changing our world. The insight gained from this early research now benefits individual and commercial clients by enabling them to make the most of this amazing opportunity.

EML is run by John Small who first heard about living longer when he took over running HSBC’s Future of Retirement research programme. This brought him in contact with many of the world’s leading authorities on human longevity and sparked an interest that is the inspiration behind EML. The impact of increasing life expectancy affects us all – but it is only when you understand what is happening that you are ready to make some of life’s most important decisions.

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