Key Benefits

Once you understand how living longer is changing your world you can:

  • Recognise how you will be impacted
  • Decide what is important
  • Plan your future including:
    • Saving to fund your retirement (no one else will)
    • Keeping as healthy as possible (your body needs to last longer!)
    • Build and maintain important relationships
    • Manage your possessions, keeping what you love, discarding what you don’t
    • Embracing change to keep up with global development
    • Keeping your skills up to date so you remain relevant

What You Get

  • Global trend for living longer
    Broken down by region, and the impact this has on our world including such things as the rapid increase in population, increasing migration and changes to taxation.
  • The resulting changes that are being forced upon all governments
    Increasing demand for housing, health care, chronic employment etc. Unsustainable pension promises, taxation changes, increased retirement age, increasing mobility, increasing debt, social isolation loneliness etc
  • How ‘pathfinders’ are responding
    What works (what doesn’t!) and what is important

What's Involved

Presentations are tailored to the audience profile and interests.

There is an option to include games and exercises that demonstrate the challenges ahead and included facilitated group discussion on how they can be addressed.


45 minutes covers ‘the basics’ after which the schedule can be extended as required to fit event and audience need. We can adapt to what is available and provide projectors and other equipment and materials as required.


We can adapt to what is available and provide projectors and other equipment and materials as required.


The basic presentation is free (but we do ask for expenses). As part of the presentation we will take the opportunity to promote EML’s coaching services and any relevant publications.

For commercial clients the presentation can be tailored to emphasise specific areas related to relevant products and services. It can also be adapted to suit the customer base of commercial clients and is particularly effective in providing these customers with the rationale and motivation to make ‘big’ decisions. Examples include estate planning investments, health care, changing roles etc.

Pricing for commercial events is based on the time taken and value generated

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