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Normal for you

When it comes to applying the research EML conducts, I like to be the guinea pig. When recommending anything to others there is little more powerful than saying you’ve done it yourself. Multiple visits to A&E with elderly relatives highlighted the need to know, and ideally be able to demonstrate, what was ‘normal’. Looking beyond […]

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Analysis of a good day….

Today feels like it has been a good day and I’m wondering why? This is important because, if I can work out what has made it a good day, I can work towards ensuring I have them more often! There has been no one big event – if there had then it may have been […]

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Maintaining relationships

October is a busy time of year in our social calendar – the long summer is over and people we know are ‘back at work’ (whatever that might be!) so it’s a good time to catch up. What I’m really enjoying is the number and sheer diversity of these gatherings. It might be post Covid […]

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Time out

Having recently tested positive for Covid I’m starting of a period of self imposed ‘time out’. I only tested positive yesterday, and so far I am one of the lucky ones with only minor cold like symptoms which have not stopped me working. As a result I am catching up with the outstanding email traffic […]

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Six months ago I invested in a ‘fitness tracker’ as I was taking part in a team event to keep us fit during lockdown – the team had to walk the length of the country by counting their daily steps. Initially I was ‘sold’, here was a device that could track movement, count steps, monitor […]

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