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Changing behaviour – Piggybacking

At any age changing your behaviour can be a challenge. We become accustom to comfortable routines which perpetuate long past their intended purpose. Sometimes its what you do and sometimes its what you don’t. Talk to many octogenarians about taking a taxi and they look at you as if you are mad. One was seriously […]

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One final misery….

My interest in longevity was peeked by a friend, a Chartered Surveyor who looked after large Scottish Estates. He shared a completely different way of thinking about life -where ‘family’ was more important than the individual and every member was ‘expected’ to do what they could for the common good. The Chinese express the same […]

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Six months ago I invested in a ‘fitness tracker’ as I was taking part in a team event to keep us fit during lockdown – the team had to walk the length of the country by counting their daily steps. Initially I was ‘sold’, here was a device that could track movement, count steps, monitor […]

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