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To make the most of living longer you need to balance six key areas of life, not just now, but over the long term. Get it right and you really will make the most of this extraordinary opportunity

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Our biggest challenge – ourselves!

In the past I have written about the challenge of cognitive bias – those instinctive gut reactions, honed by evolution for survival, that enable us today to completely ignore logic and common sense.   To this mix you can add the challenges of pre-conceived ideas.  To function effectively in a complex world, most of us build up […]

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Our biggest challenge – Cognitive Bias

  In a rapidly changing world trusting your ‘instincts’ may not always be the best option. While I normally put great store by ‘human instinct’ I am increasingly aware that it is also my biggest challenge.  When coaching clients we find a comfortable spot and spend time talking through what’s important to them.  We make […]

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