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Embracing change…

A couple of months ago a good friend was enjoying a days shooting on a farm in middle England, close to nowhere in particular. Without notice, and to the surprise of those around him, he keeled over and was clearly in a bad way. An ambulance was called – but where exactly were they? One […]

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Hidden talents…

Time and again in recent months I have been astonished by the creativity and inventiveness of friends and colleagues. Yesterday I had a meeting of interested parties to discuss what could have been a controversial idea. In less than half an hour not only did I get their support and cooperation, but their suggestions for […]

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End of lockdown dinner

Last week I went to an End of Lockdown dinner. 60 friends and colleagues, all of a certain age, gathered at a local venue which offered the space to socially distance. Before attending everyone was asked to complete a Lateral Flow test and all were double jabbed. Watching as people arrived there was evidence of […]

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School report

I’ve just taken on the role of executor which involves dealing with the administration teams of some of this countries leading financial institutions. Experiences to date has been mixed, ranging from the absolutely dreadful to the simply brilliant – all within a single brand! ‘Seeing’ the actual death certificate use to be the norm and […]

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Out of the blue…..

Last year, before the arrival of Covid, I submitted an idea for a series of articles to a professional journal and heard nothing. A little miffed by the silence I soon forgot about it until a couple of days ago when, out of the blue, I received an abject apology and serious interest in printing […]

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