Key Benefits

  • Peace of mind
  • Improved health
  • Keep only the things that are important
  • Well planned finances
  • Good relations with family, friends and colleagues
  • Doing the things that matter
  • Enjoying life

What You Get

  • Your personal plan
  • Logical and well thought through set of priorities – knowing what you want and why!
  • A plan balanced across major aspects of your life
  • Clarity – which leads to the confidence to take the next steps

What's Involved

After an initial meeting the programme runs for 8 sessions. Transitions takes holistic view of your life. We identify your priorities in six key areas and then work with you to align your time and financial resources towards achieving what is important to you.


An initial meeting, then 8 sessions at agreed times


There are three options:

EML has a discrete private office set in a beautiful Surrey garden where you can chat in comfort. Alternatively, for clients short on time, we can visit you wherever is most convenient. Finally, after the initial meeting subsequent meetings can be held via telephone, Skype or FaceTime. We can be flexible to accommodate your commitments


The programme, consisting of 8 hours 1:1 coaching plus the final written report cost £1200.00. Follow up meetings can be arranged as needed at a cost of £75.00 per hour.

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Moving from education to the working world

If you are about the start work today you face the prospect of a 70 year working life before normal retirement. During this time you can expect several different careers interspersed with periods of re-training, development and re-invention.

Transition coaching is about setting out on the right track. We start with you and begin by identifying what you are good at and what you enjoy – these are the new cornerstones to a successful career. On these foundations we build a programme to identify and explore suitable roles and as your focus becomes sharper we start to identify specific opportunities. With this clear focus we then work through the recruitment process providing support at every stage. Once a position is secured our support continues through the offer process and induction until you are comfortable in your new role.

Moving from your primary career to whatever comes next

At aged 60 UK life expectancy today is nearly 90 so anyone coming to the end of their primary career around this age should be planning ahead. This new ‘next phase’ of life has the prospect of lasting just as long as their first career. Increasingly the next role will have a financial element – in part because pensions are becoming less generous but mostly because improved heath means people at this age wish to remain active.

Transition coaching encourages you to take stock and consider all aspects of your life, what you need to do, what you want to do and what else you could do. Having identified the opportunities it is then a process of prioritization, working out how best to use your time to do the things that are most important to you.

The time I spent with John, talking about and then planning the transition from my working life to that of retirement was invaluable. You may think ”no worries I now have all the time in world, I will see how it goes” . Well you may be fortunate and enjoy good health and have that time but you may not ! In any event will you be fulfilled ? Listening to and setting out a path to your retirement ambitions is essential.

Managing a working career involves many factors and decisions; the move to retirement is very similar. In both cases being organised with objectives is just a start. EML guided me very professionally through this process and I would thoroughly recommend their services.

Martin Ashford - ‘Retired’

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