Navigating Living Longer

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Looking beyond the immediate pain….

Like many others I’m quietly horrified at the fourfold increase in my energy costs and pondering what I can do. Our wood burner, which until now has been for occasional use, may well be pressed into regular service as a major source of heat, particularly during cold snaps. I may also open up an old […]

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A mixed blessing…

As a family we’ve arrived at one of life’s ‘transition points’ The last of the previous generation is still ‘hanging in there’ but offers the prospect of a house full of everything amassed over the last century and held on to ‘just in case it might be useful’. At the other end of the spectrum […]

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Playing the odds

While the focus of EML’s research is understanding living longer it is important to say that, at an individual level, life remains a lottery and there are no guarantees. Most of the change we describe reflect a change of expectation. Be it pension funds ‘expecting’ their members to be around longer, the Health Service expecting […]

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Learning new skills

One of six personal skills needed for making the most of living longer is Embracing Change . It is almost inevitable, the longer we live, the more change we encounter. Yet not all change is good, and embracing change just because it’s there is a fools game. The skill is is retaining an open mind […]

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One final misery….

My interest in longevity was peeked by a friend, a Chartered Surveyor who looked after large Scottish Estates. He shared a completely different way of thinking about life -where ‘family’ was more important than the individual and every member was ‘expected’ to do what they could for the common good. The Chinese express the same […]

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