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Taking the long view…

One client recently visited by someone from the strategic planning team who was trying to look beyond the many immediate challenges and determine where they should be in 20 – 30 years. I was delighted, 25 years ago the inspirational leader of the financial services organisation I worked with did the same thing and the […]

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Looking beyond the immediate pain….

Like many others I’m quietly horrified at the fourfold increase in my energy costs and pondering what I can do. Our wood burner, which until now has been for occasional use, may well be pressed into regular service as a major source of heat, particularly during cold snaps. I may also open up an old […]

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A mixed blessing…

As a family we’ve arrived at one of life’s ‘transition points’ The last of the previous generation is still ‘hanging in there’ but offers the prospect of a house full of everything amassed over the last century and held on to ‘just in case it might be useful’. At the other end of the spectrum […]

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Every now and then something really hits home. A friend who runs an oil company mentioned, in passing, that while his company’s total reserves would keep the world going for just eight hours it will take the earth 40000 years to replace them. This struck home. We are worried about carbon emissions and climate change […]

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