Navigating Living Longer

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Early warning systems

In researching the impact of global longevity EML identified six key areas of life that together, differentiated those who were successful in negotiating later life from those who were less so. There was no silver bullet, no ‘one thing’ that will make all the difference, instead those who were seen by their peers as ‘doing […]

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Playing the odds

While the focus of EML’s research is understanding living longer it is important to say that, at an individual level, life remains a lottery and there are no guarantees. Most of the change we describe reflect a change of expectation. Be it pension funds ‘expecting’ their members to be around longer, the Health Service expecting […]

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A nice problem to have….

This evening I met someone making the transition from their ‘first career’ to what follows next with ease – it was wonderful. Their first career involved setting up and running a company and the transition included closing it down and drawing a line. Although this has taken time all seems to have gone well and […]

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As part of finishing my ‘first’ career I stopped working ‘for’ people and started working ‘with’ them – and that made a big difference. I work for myself now, doing what I want. Sometimes I get paid, sometimes not – what is important is that I make a difference. Moving on from education to the […]

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School report

I’ve just taken on the role of executor which involves dealing with the administration teams of some of this countries leading financial institutions. Experiences to date has been mixed, ranging from the absolutely dreadful to the simply brilliant – all within a single brand! ‘Seeing’ the actual death certificate use to be the norm and […]

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