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Keeping busy

I recently saw a TED Talk where the speaker was encouraging his audience to keep working as, he claimed, retirement would kill you! His suggestion seemed, at first sight, diametrically opposed to the EML philosophy of transition, as soon as possible, to your post-employment ‘ second career’. On reflection however, I concluded that we were […]

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The spice of life…

At EML we research the impact of everyone living longer. The changes identified are are every bit as profound as the digital revolution we are living through and just as far reaching. While the lottery of life remains – and not everyone will experience those extra years – the impact on them is just as […]

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Managing volunteers…

One of the greatest attractions of moving to a second career is the opportunity to do what you want to do. There is no family placing you under a financial burden and if you are fortunate enough to receive a pension you have the opportunity to consider the voluntary sector as well as paid employment. […]

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Learning new skills

One of six personal skills needed for making the most of living longer is Embracing Change . It is almost inevitable, the longer we live, the more change we encounter. Yet not all change is good, and embracing change just because it’s there is a fools game. The skill is is retaining an open mind […]

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As part of finishing my ‘first’ career I stopped working ‘for’ people and started working ‘with’ them – and that made a big difference. I work for myself now, doing what I want. Sometimes I get paid, sometimes not – what is important is that I make a difference. Moving on from education to the […]

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A different perspective

A client asked me to review a document. In building a portfolio of activities for his second career his love of driving classic cars had led to a role driving wedding cars. What wasn’t anticipate was the very special relationship he built with each bride. Picking them up from home signalled the end of months […]

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