EML was set up to understand the global trend for living longer and all the resulting implications and impact. After more than a decade working in the field one thing is clear, while we are all affected, just how we are affected is personal and unique to each of us. That said, there are some common themes – here are a few:

Don’t expect to emulate previous generations. While you may share genes, the world in which you now live will have a far greater influence on your later life than most inherited traits. In the last 50 years global life expectancy has increased 50% while it has only taken 25 years for the global population to increase 50%.

The Baby Boomer generation really did have it all! The peace dividend was just the start, improving healthcare, economic prosperity, near full employment, gold plated pensions and much more. Unfortunately, they were also profligate with our planet.

Don’t expect to ‘retire’ any time soon (but don’t worry). With gold plated pensions gone and State Retirement ages disappear over the horizon it is easy to be bitter and resentful. However, in the UK, if you make it to 60 in good health your life expectancy is approaching 90 – do you really want to spend 30 years playing golf or watching soaps? Many of today’s octogenarians see the last two decade as a wasted opportunity.

Look after yourself – mentally and physically! With increased life expectancy we need our minds and bodies to keep going for longer, so it makes sense to look after yourself.

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