Understanding Living Longer

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What are your plans for life?

Traditionally, once you stop working, you enter ‘old age’ – and from there, there is no return! All that is changing and these days ‘old age’ subdividing into ‘old age’ (the point your first career stops) and ‘frail old age’ (when ‘whatever is going to get you’ starts to emerge). Old age is the world’s […]

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A gift worth having….

When Bismark created the world’s first state pension scheme in the 1880s he never expected to pay out – it was simply a creative (and seemingly popular) tax raising exercise. Life expectancy in Germany at the time was 48, so 65 was selected for benefit payments to start, thus ensuring there were few, if any, […]

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The spice of life…

At EML we research the impact of everyone living longer. The changes identified are are every bit as profound as the digital revolution we are living through and just as far reaching. While the lottery of life remains – and not everyone will experience those extra years – the impact on them is just as […]

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School report

I’ve just taken on the role of executor which involves dealing with the administration teams of some of this countries leading financial institutions. Experiences to date has been mixed, ranging from the absolutely dreadful to the simply brilliant – all within a single brand! ‘Seeing’ the actual death certificate use to be the norm and […]

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Me? retire? – but I’ve got a problem…

Baby ‘gloomers’ are reaching retirement age and many think they have a problem. Often they do, but not necessarily the problem they imagined. Baby ‘gloomers’ are the younger siblings that hang off the coattails of the Baby Boomer – they lack the brash confidence of their swinging sixties elders. For them ‘Free Love’ was replaced […]

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