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Me? retire? – but I’ve got a problem…

Baby ‘gloomers’ are reaching retirement age and many think they have a problem. Often they do, but not necessarily the problem they imagined. Baby ‘gloomers’ are the younger siblings that hang off the coattails of the Baby Boomer – they lack the brash confidence of their swinging sixties elders. For them ‘Free Love’ was replaced […]

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Learning from history

As a rule the human race is not great at learning from history.  We often are reluctant to learn from others – either because we don’t want to or we wait until it’s too late.  Speak to any doctor, they spend half their day telling patients to look after their health and the other half […]

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Hot enough?

As I sit here with the doors open, waiting for the latest round in this summer of heatwaves to break, I wonder what the Global Warming activists are saying.  Is this an ‘I told you so’ moment for them, or does the fight go on?  There is little doubt that those on the other side […]

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Don’t Panic….

Until recently much of the demand for EML’s services has come from that privileged sector – those with a gold-plated pension scheme.  They are the ones with significant wealth who often toy-with the idea of ‘doing something’ yet, according to a leading wealth planner, in over 80% of cases they eventually decide to ‘do nothing’ and […]

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