Understanding Living Longer

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Understanding Health

Optimising health is one of EML’s six corner stones for making the most of living longer. Having identified the importance of knowing your personal health data, I started taking reading roughly twice a month and have been doing so for the last three years. Recently colleagues helped analyse the findings and I was surprised by […]

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Give them credit…

When discussing living longer with teaching staff I sometimes encounter a defensive response along the lines – ‘I’m not comfortable with the idea of telling our students that they are going to have to work longer – they won’t understand’ to which my answer is ‘Give them credit…’ I work with many people making the […]

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Moving the Goal-Posts

Did you know that over the last few years many of the goal-posts for later life have changed? With global life expectancy increasing 50% in just the last 50 years reaching 60 is no longer ‘the beginning of the end’ instead it is life’s ‘half time interlude’. With this change many of the life goals […]

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WIIFM (Whats in it for me?)

If you are part of the post – millennial generation (born after 1997) then the world you are inheriting has been just through a period of unprecedented change – the impact of which we are only now starting to appreciate.  Your challenge today is to work out what those changes are, how they impact your […]

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What will the grandchildren think….?

The political debate is hotting up as we head into the June election and so to are some astounding assumptions behind the claims. Some examples: Care costs preventing people from leaving their home to their children. UK life expectancy is now around 80; the average age of UK first time Mums is 28 and they […]

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