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Transitional ownership

In the game of life the real winners are those who have the most fun with the most possible toys as they play the game. You know you’ve got it wrong if you get to the last play and discover that all your toys are still in their boxes!

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A wooden toothbrush

A wooden toothbrush EML covered the full spectrum from the largest global issues to the trivial and apparently insignificant – it is amazing how they are connected.  Living longer (where we focus) is interrelated with a vast range of of other changes that collectively shout ‘the way we live life is changing – very fast […]

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Challenging times

With the prospect of a Sixth From College Careers Day looming I’ve been thinking about the challenges facing our school leavers and how to prepare them for a life that we know will be significantly different to that experienced by their parents and grandparents.  I use the word ‘different’ because it will not necessarily be better […]

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Letting go

There is a growing television audience for real life documentaries about extreme hoarding and a good reason for the mounting interest.  Coping with an ever-growing pile of ‘stuff’ is a challenge most of us face and these programmes show us we are not alone.  They are also a timely warning of how life would be […]

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