If the old saying is that ‘a picture can tell 1000 words’ – just imagine what a collage can do!

One of my long term clients found that with each successive year he is embracing new experiences while continuing with the things he loves. Looking to illustrate the huge variety of these many activities I suggested that he produce a single page collage for each year – just to remind himself of all he has done.

What emerged was an unexpected trend. The picture from three years ago contained about 20 images each representing something different – a holiday, an activity or family event – not bad. The picture from two years ago saw a huge increase to nearer 100 images, last year each image got smaller as the number increased to nearly 200; while this year, although not finished, looks to be even busier!

By contrast he has a relative who ‘fears’ giving up work as he sees it a ‘the start of the end’. If this relative were to produce a collage I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t bet be more than half a dozen images – and that would be in a busy year!

Happy Christmas!