Navigating Living Longer

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Taking the long view…

One client recently visited by someone from the strategic planning team who was trying to look beyond the many immediate challenges and determine where they should be in 20 – 30 years. I was delighted, 25 years ago the inspirational leader of the financial services organisation I worked with did the same thing and the […]

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Looking beyond the immediate pain….

Like many others I’m quietly horrified at the fourfold increase in my energy costs and pondering what I can do. Our wood burner, which until now has been for occasional use, may well be pressed into regular service as a major source of heat, particularly during cold snaps. I may also open up an old […]

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The spice of life…

At EML we research the impact of everyone living longer. The changes identified are are every bit as profound as the digital revolution we are living through and just as far reaching. While the lottery of life remains – and not everyone will experience those extra years – the impact on them is just as […]

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People relate to people

One organisation I’m working with is planning a major shake up to ‘improve efficiency’. Nothing new, in fact they have been slow to embrace the digital world so a ‘catch up’ is long overdue. Inevitably there are cost considerations and they are currently looking for the best way to structure their business units. Listening to […]

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Learning new skills

One of six personal skills needed for making the most of living longer is Embracing Change . It is almost inevitable, the longer we live, the more change we encounter. Yet not all change is good, and embracing change just because it’s there is a fools game. The skill is is retaining an open mind […]

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