It took months to come up with these three words!

The initial question came from our web designer – tactful and respectful as always, she was trying to get me to distil and clarify the very essence of my dreams for EML. The consultancy was born of opportunity, we were fortunate to have businesses calling for our services, so the website was initially created just to provide an on-line presence. Over the last six years however, the initial demand having been met, the question took on greater significance.

Her question came in the form of a challenge – describe the business in four words or less. Always looking to over achieve, I went for three. Having found the words I find myself regularly checking that they are right – they are.


  • Living longer affects us all – in the last 50 years global life expectancy has increased 50%,
  • No one can guarantee you will live longer – but the dramatic increase in averages has brought wholesale change,
  • State pension entitlement age is increasing – no Government can afford to pay 25% of their population not to work,
  • pension annuity rates are in free fall – and will continue to drop,
  • The NHS is unsustainable, and demand will continue to grow.

The good news

While this may sound all doom and gloom, there is also plenty of good news:

  • Your prospects of living longer are significantly increased
  • The quality of medical care has never been better
  • Educational standards continue to increase
  • The internet is connecting the world as never before
  • You have time to adjust….

…. And that’s what we do! The more you understand about how and why the world around you is changing the better placed you are to make the most of this extraordinary opportunity. To find out more – talk to us – Call 020 3372 4062