When starting something new one of the hardest parts is taking that first step – and when it comes to planning  life beyond ‘retirement’ many people are simply ‘lost’.

There is a deep seated reason behind their bewilderment and facing up to that is the first task.  Many people have a fixed view on what ‘their’ retirement will be like and, as a result, find it difficult to accept that they may have ‘got it wrong’.

The ‘current generation of ‘retirers’ saw what their parents did in retirement and have decided they can do better.  They are, after all, the Baby boomer generation who, at every stage of life so far, have set their own rules – why would we think that their retirement will be any different?  This is the generation for which retirement is the longest holiday of their lives.  They have set up SKI clubs (spending kids inheritance) and drawn up extended ‘bucket lists’ of everything they will do now that they are retired.

Later life for those who follow will be very different.  They will see the state pension age increase to over 80 and will not have access to generous pension arrangements.  Neither will they benefit from a boom in house prices.  They will keep working into later life for three reasons.

– they can’t afford to retire

– the state can afford for them to retire

– they don’t want to retire

For them life’s pattern will be different.  With the prospect of 70+ years of work ahead they will not wait until ‘the end’ to have their adventures instead they will take them as they go along.  Work will consist of a series of ‘careers’ interspersed with breaks to relax, enjoy different aspects of life and ‘re-invent’ themselves.  When people say to me they are concerned about being rescued by an 85 year old fireman – I couldn’t agree more! But when it is time to stop running in to burning buildings it is time for life to change – not stop!

What are you planning for your ‘next career’?!!