Do you suffer from the deep seated puritanical strictures that we so often put on ourselves?  If so, you are not alone…

EML coach clients going through some of the biggest changes in their lives at a time when all the certainties we once knew no longer hold true, and yet some clients feel that retaining a coach is a self indulgent treat.  Whether it is moving from school to the world of work or, at the other end, from work to life beyond, people somehow feel that it is something they are expected to do alone.

When you recognise that the world we live in is changing so quickly that the implications for each generation are different, you realise that the later life experiences of your parents will not be repeated for you.

The Brexit debate makes much of the 500 million people within the single market.  However in the 40 years the UK has been in Europe the world population has more than doubled adding 3.5 billion to the global marketplace.

Over the last 15 years every single company in the FTSE 100 has closed their final salary pension scheme to members – there are no more ‘gold plated’ pensions

Over the last 50 years global life expectancy has increased by 50% – over 65 is the fastest growing marketing demographic 

Now lets get more personal…

Many of today’s octogenarians are ‘surprised’ to be still with us.  They had expected to retire at 65 and die before 70.  If their children inherit anything – it won’t be until its too late

Those in their 40s and 50s today had expected to retire at 65 – many will be lucky to retire at 75 while their children should plan for 70 years of working life.

Kids not leaving home? – the average age of a UK first time buyer is 34 while in London it’s well over 40.

I have one client who is well into his 90s and yet refuses to spend a penny of his considerable savings ‘because he needs it for his old age’ – now there is an optimist!  

You only get one chance at life so anything you can do to make sure its a good one seems to be a sound investment!