EML’s mission is to help people make the most of living longer

Longevity (the term for humans living longer) is a global phenomenon and is behind much of the structural change that is re-shaping life today. The more you understand about these changes the better equipped you are to make the most of this extraordinary opportunity.

What’s so special?

Understanding living longer requires me to ‘walk the walk’. I now work (and plan) on the basis that I will be around to the age of 100 and that affects everything. Planning finances, looking after health, embracing change, avoiding hoarding – doing things for the long term!

Inevitably, because I’m planning to be around longer it is affecting those around me, close family, the wider family, friends and colleagues

There are ironies – my in-laws (still living independently and in good health in their late 90s) refuse to spend any of their savings ‘because they need it for their old age’!

Big business is interested. A leading financial planner estimates that 80% of their prospective clients who they know would benefit from estate planning eventually decide to do nothing (just like my in-laws!). A leading private health insurer has shown they can reduce claims and improve profits by encouraging clients to look after themselves.

Even if I don’t live longer myself our world is being re-shaped on the basis I will! As such the entire global population – 7.5 billion of us – are affected…. not a bad target market!