One of the key coaching messages of Living longer is learning to let go.

It is the most natural thing in the world to hold on to ‘what you’ve got’ – this is hard wired into our DNA and is what helped our ancestors survive times of pestilence and famine but in today’s rapidly changing world holding on to the wrong things is increasingly dragging us down and holding us back. Making the change is hard.

When I say ‘letting go’ I am not just talking about possessions but every aspect of life. If you live 30 years longer then you will have 30 years worth of extra possessions – and eventually they bog you down so much that you lose sight of the things that really are important.

Holding on to surplus ‘money’ is challenge. ‘I may need it’ is often the excuse and while holding on to enough is sensible, you need to know how much is enough as the Chancellor is poised to take away half the family fortune you are seeking to preserve. Tax avoidance is important, particularly when the tax is voluntary one, but more important is stashing th money away. If you live 30 years longer than earlier generations then the money you pass on will not be available to benefit your off-spring until it is too late to make a difference.

Then there are the less tangibles item. Holding on to your dreams is one. Why not use the money you have stashed away to realise those dreams so instead you can hold on to the memories of a life well lived? What about friends? As great way to ensure a miserable life is to spend time with people you don’t like! Be honest with yourself, and them, and move on.

The one thing you should fight tooth and nail to hold on to – at almost any cost – is your health. If you’re going to use your body and mind for 30 years longer than earlier generations then make sure you look after it!