Like any good coach I believe in my product and I find great benefit in talking plans through with my own coach.

This morning the message was crystal clear. It’s all about what I decide to do in the time between drawing my last breath and now. Break that down and all the key considerations follow on. Life quality is all about the decisions I make in the finite time available. Specifically:

Health decisions may extend (or reduce) the time available – they will also dictate what I can do – remaining fit and healthy for longer keeps your options open

Activity decisions are about how you decide to spend the time. As the value of pensions decreases activity decisions will be increasingly dictated by the need to earn money in old age

Financial decisions – the current generation of retirees have struck it lucky – gold plated pensions, full employment, rampant house price inflation and rapidly increasing life expectancy. The challenge for them is what to do with all this good fortune. Do nothing and the Government will take half….

Digital communications make it easier than ever to stay in touch yet many countries are experiencing a loneliness epidemic. Today it is harder than ever to build and maintain meaningful relationships- yet taking the time to do so pays extraordinary dividends

Our ‘throw away’ society is under pressure like never before. The war on ‘one use’ plastics is about the escalate and there will be a focus on sustainable life styles. For many their priority will be reversing the damage done to the planet over the last 50 years

As we live longer the importance of life long learning becomes clear. In the last 50 years the life expectancy of the human race has increased 50%. Today it is simply unrealistic to think you can learn all you need to know in the first 20 years of life.

To make the most of the time we have left it is more than likely that we’ll need to learn a few ‘new tricks!’