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With the world population growing 10 fold and and life expectancy up 50% in the last 50 years inevitably we need to start thinking about the possessions we accumulate and how we dispose of them. Here are some facts and figures to get you thinking.

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Me? retire? – but I’ve got a problem…

Baby ‘gloomers’ are reaching retirement age and many think they have a problem. Often they do, but not necessarily the problem they imagined. Baby ‘gloomers’ are the younger siblings that hang off the coattails of the Baby Boomer – they lack the brash confidence of their swinging sixties elders. For them ‘Free Love’ was replaced […]

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The Elephant in the Room

At EML we look at life’s big changes – the ones that affect us all.  Often, however, these big changes are the ones that creep up unnoticed.  One of the biggest – the ‘elephant is the room’ if you pardon the expression – is the increasing global population. Life first started developing on earth around 4.5 billion […]

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All change…

EML’s expertise is in understanding the opportunities and challenges emerging from us all living longer – yet living longer is just one of a series of seismic changes that together are changing the very essence of life.  These include: – Global GDP per head increasing 10 fold in the last 100 years – Human life […]

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