The dramatic increase in global human life expectancy has brought unprecedented change to all our lives

  • the ‘conventions’ we once  expected to shape our lives have vanished – seemingly overnight
  • The ‘rules’ we set ourselves as a guide through life  might now be pushing us in the wrong direction
  • Those we have once respected for their ‘sound advice’ are suddenly silent.

In other words – you’re on your own.

EML is here to help.  We understand the impact of longevity on every aspect of life and we work with you to create new plans – not just for you – but for those that are important to you, so you can all move forward with confidence.

A key theme of our coaching programmes is balance.  By taking a holistic approach we seek to integrate different aspects of your life to provide purpose – we answer the question Why?  For example:

To enjoy later life you need to be as fit and healthy as possible – so it is worth investing time and effort now to look after your health.

Living longer provides increased opportunity to acquire more.  To avoid being overwhelmed by possessions you need to be judicious – keeping only those things you ‘love’.

If you are remaining fit and active for longer you need to be able to finance your adventures – having the money is one thing – being prepared to spend it is an even bigger challenge!

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