‘Use it or loose it’

You’ve heard the term from the medical community but increasingly, it applies to every aspects of life. EML’s research into living longer identify six areas of life that are changing as we all live longer – here’s how:

Optimising health is obvious – exercise keeps your muscles working along with our sense of balance and much more, while challenging our minds (learning a language or some other new skill) helps with mental health.

Relationships need regular work to maintain them. In my job sending expats overseas I soon realised that the two year mark was critical. Two years on secondment and you can return to your old life with ease, beyond that and your old friends have drifted away. To avoid loosing touch you need to stay in touch!

When it comes to valuing possessions the advice still holds, but with a twist. Keeping hold of items ‘just in case’ is a great way to fill your loft. The rule should be – if you know you will use it, keep it otherwise loose it!

Managing Money – make sure you have the money you need to look after yourself – but also recognise that it is possible to have ‘too much’. If you have saving in excess of what you need take steps to ‘loose’ them – or else the Government will help themselves!

Embracing change affects everything – because in life everything is changing. Luddites don’t last long!

Keeping active (what you decide to do) also underpins everything else – its about engaging with life and, if you get it right, enjoying every moment!