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Founding a ‘dynasty’

A recent article in the financial press highlighted the perils of ‘gifts with reservations’ citing the Inland Revenue guidance on what constitutes a reservation. The rule that made me smile was borrowing more than three books a month from a ‘gifted personal library’- I remember driving around every charity shop in the county trying g […]

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Gifting the next generation

Talking about death can be a catalyst for unusual discussions – and occasionally inspirational revelations. Some people are great planners putting considerable thought into their own demise while others, like one relative, a top class hoarder, simply shrugged and said ‘well, it won’t be my problem’. There are some that seek to exercise ‘intrusive control’ […]

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IGWT – Inter-generational wealth transfer.

With a ‘drains up’ review of your finances complete you might well find yourself considering IGWT. For many this is one of the hardest transitions of their life. Up to this point their whole mantra has been wealth accumulation – making money, saving money and wealth accumulation activity. In a beat this all changes – […]

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One final misery….

My interest in longevity was peeked by a friend, a Chartered Surveyor who looked after large Scottish Estates. He shared a completely different way of thinking about life -where ‘family’ was more important than the individual and every member was ‘expected’ to do what they could for the common good. The Chinese express the same […]

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Me? retire? – but I’ve got a problem…

Baby ‘gloomers’ are reaching retirement age and many think they have a problem. Often they do, but not necessarily the problem they imagined. Baby ‘gloomers’ are the younger siblings that hang off the coattails of the Baby Boomer – they lack the brash confidence of their swinging sixties elders. For them ‘Free Love’ was replaced […]

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