For the last 10 years EML has researched the implications of living longer and how it changes almost every aspect of life. Through better understanding how the world, and especially their prospects, are changing our clients are able to face major life decisions with increased confidence and thereby ensure they make the most of the extra years they have been given.

Then along comes a global pandemic and everything appears different, so is it time to revisit those carefully laid plans? Yes and No.

The national lockdown is having major consequences for the way we live and will change the timing of plans, but should not change the strategic objectives. Here are some examples:

Many people dream of travel once they finish their ‘first career’ but with aircrafts not flying and cruise ships tied up that looks off the cards for the moment – or is it. Only yesterday Barbados, with good communications and an economy heavily dependent on tourism, showed how to adapt. To fill their empty hotel rooms and villas they are promoting ‘working from home in the sun’ – a one year visitor visa. Having proved there is no need for us to be in the office, why be in the country?!

Lockdown has proved a wonderful time for a sort out. EML encourage clients to only keep items of use and items they love. (Not like, or may be useful or could be valuable). With family home for the lockdown and space at a premium it was time for a sort out. Car boot sales have re-started in earnest and eBay is buzzing, unwanted items are on the move.

Relationships have evolved during lockdown, the ascendance of Zoom calls mean distance is no longer an issue. It started with keeping up with the people we know but has grown. A friend was telling me they discovered a whole branch of the family they knew nothing about – and better still – they rather liked them! Now the government is keen for us to meet up in person

Living longer means our bodies have to last longer so maintaining health is of growing importance. Daily walks and a shift to cycling plus, of course, Zoom Pilates and Yoga classes are new habits that we should strive to maintain as they are the foundation of life long fitness.

Our finances are in for a battering, nationally and personally we have taken on huge amounts of debt that we will be repaying g for generations. Those with savings will find they have less in reserve, our state pension age is set for a rapid increase and paid employment in later life will become a necessity for many, but if we’re going the be around, why not be productive?

And what about generation Rent? The smarter ones had already worked out that they were not destined for a privileged old age and were already living life on their own terms. They have already learnt to adapt and will do so again – of that I am confident!