At EML we research the impact of everyone living longer. The changes identified are are every bit as profound as the digital revolution we are living through and just as far reaching. While the lottery of life remains – and not everyone will experience those extra years – the impact on them is just as real given there is now an ‘expectation’ of a longer life.

I remain great friends with one of my first clients – someone forced into an unexpected early retirement. It took him a while to realise that he, and his family, had just won the lottery of life. Today, some six years later he realises that he now needs to live past 100 – just to enjoy the wide variety of activities and interests he continues to develop!

While each of the six aspects of his life play make an important contribution towards his quality of life the ‘secret’ to his success is his ability to constantly balance and re-balance them all so that every day is an adventure.