My first coaching client took a little time get the EML ‘message’, but, since then it is incorporated in everything he does.

He sees the time between now and the moment he is ‘no longer around’ as a countdown clock and looks carefully at everything he is does and how he is spending his money.

With a firm grip on his finances, he realises that, within reason, money will never be an issue and that his financial decisions are therefore about what he spends on himself and how and when he passes it on.

When deciding what to do his thought process is equally revealing. Previously we would spend the odd Sunday morning at a car boot sale as a way of decluttering. These days, with a better understanding of his financial position, he is no longer interested in ‘making a few quid’ and is much happier giving his unwanted stuff to charity so that he can spend his Sunday morning with family and friends.

He has learnt the lesson known to every billionaire. The one thing that is truly in short supply is time – treasure every moment….