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I went to the Surrey reading of the Proclamation last Sunday – an event that hasn’t happened in over 70 years. It was a wonderful ‘historic’ occasion that spreads the news of the death of one Monarch and the accession of a new one. At its conclusion scrolls are handed the the mayors of Surrey […]

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Keeping busy

I recently saw a TED Talk where the speaker was encouraging his audience to keep working as, he claimed, retirement would kill you! His suggestion seemed, at first sight, diametrically opposed to the EML philosophy of transition, as soon as possible, to your post-employment ‘ second career’. On reflection however, I concluded that we were […]

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Playing the odds

While the focus of EML’s research is understanding living longer it is important to say that, at an individual level, life remains a lottery and there are no guarantees. Most of the change we describe reflect a change of expectation. Be it pension funds ‘expecting’ their members to be around longer, the Health Service expecting […]

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