As a rule the human race is not great at learning from history.  We often are reluctant to learn from others – either because we don’t want to or we wait until it’s too late.  Speak to any doctor, they spend half their day telling patients to look after their health and the other half treating them because advice has not been heeded!

At EML we face the same challenges, but more so.  We initially set out to understand the impact of living longer and now seek to use this insight to benefit clients.  The added challenge we face is that life expectancy has grown so quickly that the insight and advice we offer changes by your decade of birth.  For people in their 80s the focus is enjoying life to the full, revelling in friends and relations and active estate planning. For people in their 60s its optimising their health so they can enjoy life and active wealth management.  If you are in your 40s our message on health is stronger (you have time to address it) particularly as you will need to work for another 30+ years before you can start to consider retirement.  Finally, people in their 20s should be planning for a completely different pattern of life.  One that includes at 70 year working life but a working life made up of different roles and interspersed with a ‘bucket list’ of adventures you want to  enjoy that are completed as they go along.

With individuals planning for a radically different future there are huge commercial opportunities for businesses that are willing toembrace the change.

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