EML’s expertise is in understanding the opportunities and challenges emerging from us all living longer – yet living longer is just one of a series of seismic changes that together are changing the very essence of life.  These include:

– Global GDP per head increasing 10 fold in the last 100 years

– Human life expectancy increasing 50% in the last 50 years

– The global population increasing 50% in the last 25 years

– 80% of the developed world and 50% of the developing world now have access the internet

Today there are far more of us using our collective knowledge to be far more productive for far longer than ever before.  As a result almost every ‘rule of life’, lovingly passed down from generation to generation, no longer applies.  No wonder so many of us, whatever our age, are struggling to make sense of life today!

Our work with different age groups shows that the implications behind these global changes differ by generation.  For instance:

80+ – the ‘surprised’ generation.  Many here never expected to still be alive and well in their 80s.  Many now regret not making more of their years ‘in retirement’

60+ – the lucky generation – over the last decade most private sector Final Salary pension schemes have closed but those in this age group still qualify for most, if not all, of the benefit.  They can look forward to a long retirement with confidence

40+ – the sandwich generation – stuck with kids who won’t leave home and parents who expect to live forever, this generation are the first in history to be significantly worse off than their parents.  Their prospect of retirement is rapidly retreating into the distance as the world wakes up to global change

 20+ – the Digital generation – they know life holds a different future for them and the smart ones are already living their life differently.  With few long term benefits on offer employment is far more transactional.  This generation know they will need to work well into their 80s and so are enjoying their ‘Bucket List’ as they go along.  For them life is an adventure to be enjoyed as you live it.