Not everyone referred to EML is ready to face the reality of their changing prospects for later life.

While fees are sometimes cited as being the issue, they are nothing more than a convenient excuse along with, ‘I’m too young’, ‘I’m too busy’ etc etc. The real message is ‘I don’t want to acknowledge my situation – because if I do I know I will need to make changes’.

For the financially driven, I find the best approach is to ask them to do one simple calculation – to work out how much voluntary additional tax they are planning to pay. This captures their attention!

The next objection is that ‘if the tax is due then so be it’ to which the answer is that it is only due if you decide to do nothing. The irony of all this is that the people most affected by their reluctance is them and their families.

There is nothing more satisfying than watching a client (and normally their entire family) embrace the reality of their situation and then seize all that life has to offer.

Are you ready to change…?