Yesterday we said farewell to a colleague who started with me 25 years ago. For them the time was right. Management did a nice presentation at the start of the day and her friends and colleagues put on a wonderful informal lunch. Inevitably the conversation turned to the parallel subjects of Why now? and What next?

For me the answers were less important to than the context. The fact that it was her decision rather than her being ‘forced out’ and that she had decided to leave her work colleagues to spend more time with spouse and family was as it should be.

Other reasons emerged – the endless roadworks that promise to double commuting times for the foreseeable future. Increased interference from Woke management scared to make a stand and the move to a digital working environment. While irritations, they could all be endured.

Taking charge of her daily life is what matters – spending time doing what was important.

Of course I wish her well, but more than that, I’m sure she is doing what is right for her.