When reviewing your possessions – try this. Ask your close family what they would do with ‘your stuff’ if you were hit by the proverbial bus? Most likely their response will fall into one of a number of categories:
– Items of value to be sold (house, car etc)
– Items of personal value but limited commercial worth (TV, computer, washing machine)
– Sentimental items you may want to keep – ornaments, photos
– Practical items to be taken over and used (toaster, coffee machine, some furniture)
– Everything else – things to “go”

It is this last category that needs your attention now. Items that you may have cherished and valued all your life that are destined for the charity shop (or worse!).

If they remain important to you then keep them, but if they are simply a reminder of your past or of good intentions that were never realised, then it’s time for them to go. Clothes that don’t fit, sports gear you don’t use – whatever it is it is far better for you to own the decision rather than leaving it to others.

One client shrugged when we had this conversation and said ‘why should I bother – I won’t be here?’ That may be true, but is this the legacy you really want to leave your close family?!