One challenge faced when coaching clients through life’s second big transition (the move on from full time employment) is addressing the bigger question.  Why?  

For decades the demands of job, mortgage, family and debt have set personal agendas and there has been little choice but to keep your head down and work through it.  But what happens when that all stops?  Kids leave home, mortgage payments come to an end and so does employment.  For many this is an uncomfortable time and their solution is to bury their heads and keep ploughing forward doing what they have always done – but why?

The Puritanical work ethic is often cited and when challenged, blinkers appear.  One client remains determined to live frugally and save hard despite being well into their 90s.  When asked why they have to save for their old age!  In reality they are running away from some uncomfortable truths – they are growing old, there will be an end and for the privileged few – they have more than enough money to see them out!  

But this is not about money – the Why? question applies to many aspects of life.  Why should they work hard to keep both body and mind at their optimum?  Why are they keeping that loft full of unwanted possessions?  Why are they working hard to stay in contact with friends and family?  I could go on…  

EML works with clients on the bigger questions because they provide the motivation – the Raison D’etre that drives those biggest decisions.  And if you can get them right then you can make magic happen…..