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The tip run…

Working out what to do with unwanted possessions is a challenge that many of us have been forced to confront over the last six weeks – the process can be painful – but you’ll like the end results

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Our biggest challenge – Cognitive Bias

  In a rapidly changing world trusting your ‘instincts’ may not always be the best option. While I normally put great store by ‘human instinct’ I am increasingly aware that it is also my biggest challenge.  When coaching clients we find a comfortable spot and spend time talking through what’s important to them.  We make […]

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Tackling the bigger question?

One challenge faced when coaching clients through life’s second big transition (the move on from full time employment) is addressing the bigger question.  Why?   For decades the demands of job, mortgage, family and debt have set personal agendas and there has been little choice but to keep your head down and work through it.  […]

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A simple idea

EML is founded on a simple idea – but one that changes everything! Time and again you will have heard that we are living longer – yet few people take the time to really think this through and understand what it means for them and their families, and for the industry they work in or […]

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Two Steps Back

One of my favoured expressions when coaching clients is to encourage them to ‘take two steps back’ other people use different expressions but fundamentally we’re all saying ‘look at the bigger picture’. This is never more important than when looking at personal finances.  For most of us taking two steps back’ seems an indulgence that […]

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Stuck in the middle….

I have written at length about the changing nature of later life and, more recently, about the prospects for ‘millennials’ – those facing 70 years of working life before retiring in their late 80s.  But what about those stuck in the middle?  The working generation sandwiched between elderly relatives who seem to be living forever […]

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