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Playing the odds

I have noticed an increasing number of ads for on-line betting websites -and that worries me. Their level of cynicism is breath-taking. ‘Our app has built in ‘pauses’ to ensure you ‘take a break’ and ‘our app allows you to pre-set your spending limit’ alongside pictures of happy smiling users laughing together and celebrating their […]

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IGWT – Inter-generational wealth transfer.

With a ‘drains up’ review of your finances complete you might well find yourself considering IGWT. For many this is one of the hardest transitions of their life. Up to this point their whole mantra has been wealth accumulation – making money, saving money and wealth accumulation activity. In a beat this all changes – […]

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Recently I was demonstration our Chris simulation prototype to an App developer. Their conclusion – the experience was amazing, but the app wasn’t ‘sticky’. In a way they were right, the simulation is not something you return to again and again, but the lessons you learn endure! Through coaching clients we have developed a range […]

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The tip run…

Working out what to do with unwanted possessions is a challenge that many of us have been forced to confront over the last six weeks – the process can be painful – but you’ll like the end results

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Our biggest challenge – Cognitive Bias

  In a rapidly changing world trusting your ‘instincts’ may not always be the best option. While I normally put great store by ‘human instinct’ I am increasingly aware that it is also my biggest challenge.  When coaching clients we find a comfortable spot and spend time talking through what’s important to them.  We make […]

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