Did you know that over the last few years many of the goal-posts for later life have changed?

With global life expectancy increasing 50% in just the last 50 years reaching 60 is no longer ‘the beginning of the end’ instead it is life’s ‘half time interlude’. With this change many of the life goals we once thought of as ‘given’ no longer apply. What do you think?

Keeping Active

            Old: a time to slow down and rest

New: a time for you to do what you want to do

Managing Money

Old: Lots is good; more is better

New: spend it or move it on, you can’t take it with you

Optimising Health

Old: Private health Insurance and Care Home fees

New: keep healthy to avoid the above!

Maintaining Relationships

            Old: Can’t be bothered

New: Keep working at them

Valuing Possessions

Old: Lots is good, more is better

New: Only keep what you ‘know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’

Embracing Change

            Old: ‘I’m too old to change’

New: You’re never too old


Are you ready for a very different ‘later life’ to the one you were expecting?