One of six personal skills needed for making the most of living longer is Embracing Change .

It is almost inevitable, the longer we live, the more change we encounter. Yet not all change is good, and embracing change just because it’s there is a fools game. The skill is is retaining an open mind towards new ideas and being willing to assess and evaluate them. If you see merit – go further, if none, you have made an ‘informed’ decision.

In addition to embracing new ideas you also need to be willing to learn new skills. One one hundred year old client watched via her CCTV on her iPad the postman arrive with her card from the Queen. She shared images of the card with extended family via email and later spoke to them on FaceTime. She is no silver haired techno genius, just willing to try new things – and with the encouragement of her granddaughters who, to help her get started, removed most of the Apps from her Home Screen – one by one they have returned as her confidence grew.

Maybe that’s one reason she was around to receive the card!!