EML is founded on a simple idea – but one that changes everything!

Time and again you will have heard that we are living longer – yet few people take the time to really think this through and understand what it means for them and their families, and for the industry they work in or the country where they live.  When they do they realise that many of their expectations for life – often held for many years – are outdated and unrealistic – and need to change.

I would love to claim that I was the smart one who saw what so many have missed but the truth is that I was dragged, kicking and screaming, to this realisation by my job.  Even then I only appreciated one small part – it took much longer to appreciate the bigger picture.  So that is why we set up EML – to offer you a head-start on a journey we will all be making.

Here are a few insights from over a decade of working in this field.

Bucket Lists are for baby boomers.  People in their early 20s are looking at their grandparents and seeing them finish work so as to start the ‘longest holiday of their lives’.  The smart ones have realised that, as they will be working well into their 90s the best thing to do is to enjoy their ‘adventures’ throughout life.  Increasing numbers of high flyers are stopping work for up to a year in their late 20s to enjoy what they intend to become regular  ‘career breaks’ – life changing adventures that set them up for the next stage of their careers.

Estate Planning is now the preserve of the middle classes.  Some of the smarter Baby boomers realise that they are indeed privileged to have enjoyed full employment with gold plated pensions together with rampant growth in house values.  They realise that without the careful estate planning that was once the preserve of the aristocracy their family wealth will soon be returned to the Chancellor.  Finding ways to pass on wealth without spoiling the drive of future generations is a growing challenge.

And what about those stuck in the middle with kids who won’t leave home and parents who seem intent on living forever?    These are the generation whose ‘expectations’ need serious work.  They have seen their working lives extended and their pension pots diminished.  They have been encouraged in to debt to acquire items they can’t afford and don’t need while being asked to pay more for everything.  The smart ones are taking charge – after decades of inactivity they are regaining their health – eating well, drinking less, paying off debt and gearing up to enjoy life.

Whatever your age there is work to be done if we going to make the most of this amazing gift – life!