Recently I was demonstration our Chris simulation prototype to an App developer. Their conclusion – the experience was amazing, but the app wasn’t ‘sticky’. In a way they were right, the simulation is not something you return to again and again, but the lessons you learn endure!

Through coaching clients we have developed a range of ‘tools’ – often not much more than simple spreadsheets, that monitor and record key personal information. Doing this simple exercise, that takes no more than a few minutes each month, is just enough to tell you exactly ‘where you are’ against the priorities you set.

For example, when it comes to managing money, once a month I produce a one-page summary of all my assets. It takes less than 10 minutes. Do this once and you have a snapshot, the next time you have a basis for comparison, after that you start to see trends. By including all assets, you capture money moving from cash into fixed assets. Buy yourself a camper van and cash holdings may reduce by £25K, but your fixed assets will increase by almost the same amount!

To monitor health, I spent a few pounds on some health kit – a set of scales, a blood pressure monitor, a blood oxygen and heart rate monitor. As with finance, use them once for a snapshot, twice for comparison and keep going to see trends.

So, while the ‘Chris’ simulation may not be sticky, the experience sticks with you for life!