Recently I got message from one of my first clients. It is some time since he was a guinea pig for our Transitions coaching programme and since then life had been going well. His message, however, seemed troubled so we met up early the next day.

The surface issue was an email simply delaying a project – nothing too serious. As we talked, however, the underlying cause of his concerns emerged. ‘I feel like I’m back where I was (and I don’t like it!)’. Time for a rapid re-cap. We ran through the priorities and dreams he had set out for himself. There was a problem (but not too serious) there was a ‘tick’ in practically every box!  While not all complete some of the ‘huge challenges’ that had shaped his horizon for decades were now simply ‘work in progress’ and all heading in the right direction.

The solution was simple – it was time for a ‘pit-stop’.  A follow up meeting to (reverting to my nautical theme) climb back onto the ‘bridge’, scan the horizon and chart the next stage of his life journey.

Reality check – reading the above you would be forgiven for thinking that EML is offering some sort of ‘panacea’ solution where everything in life is suddenly perfect. Not so – for this client some priorities didn’t work out according to plan – but they did work out. His camper-van, dreamed of for 15 years, arrived and was gone within 18 months. While it was everything that had been hoped for, it was too big for a run around and not comfortable enough for extended tours.  Success in this case meant ‘achieving the dream’ but then moving on – so its back to the Bridge to decide what next!