EML was set up to help clients understand the implications of living longer. For businesses it is all about the emerging opportunities (and perils) of operating in a world where the ‘fixed’ fundamentals are changing. For individuals it is much more personal, its about how their world is changing and they must re-set their expectations to make the most of the future.

One practical application is our coaching service.   We work with clients going through major life stage transitions – from education to work and from finishing their first career to whatever comes next. These are two life stages where having a realistic view of the future can make all the difference.

I’ve talked previously about the way future generations may judge us. For the grandchildren of Baby Boomers it will not be about how much money granny and grandad have (after all, they were one of the golden generation) they will be judged on what they did with it.

Emerging from our coaching work are a wealth of wonderful stories about how some grannies and granddads are putting their good fortune to work. One client – a resting, but enthusiastic caravaner – always wanted a camper van. Once he got to grips with his finances he realized he could make that dream come true. The arrival of the van brought out the carefully stored caravan gear and the adventures began.

As we talked further it became clear this was not the end – the ‘pipe dream’ was a canal boat. Now he has a game plan – the camper van is destine for some international adventures over the next few years but once they are complete it will be swapped for a canal boat. The old caravan gear will be put to work yet again and their grandchildren will know exactly what granny and granddad did with their good fortune.