At any age changing your behaviour can be a challenge. We become accustom to comfortable routines which perpetuate long past their intended purpose. Sometimes its what you do and sometimes its what you don’t. Talk to many octogenarians about taking a taxi and they look at you as if you are mad. One was seriously thinking of buying a second car so he wouldn’t need a taxi while his was being serviced!

One technique for changing your behaviour is piggybacking off your current behaviours. If you want to improve your health look at the exercise you already do and consider doing a little more. You have put time aside for exercise so adding a few more minutes is no great hardship. If you want to break a daily drinking routine start with the odd night off, move on to two nights a week and if you want to make a further cut, avoid drinking on a ‘school night’.

Small increases in activities piggybacking of your existing behaviour are often the best way to bring about dramatic change!