When I tell people EML researches the impact of everyone living longer it’s often easier to explain by giving examples – here are some that seem to strike a chord.

If we live 30 years longer that’s 30 years of additional possessions. You can spot those who struggle by the size of their ‘habit’. That is the monthly cost of off-site self-storage where they keep those possessions that are not important enough to have near them.

One indication that someone understands the new reality is the care they take of their body (and mind!). If you are expecting to use your body and mind for an extra 30 years – you’ld better look after it.

At some point we all will die, it’s up to you how you fill the time between now and then. Those who ‘get it’ make a positive decision to minimise contact with those they don’t like. Family is harder, but why waste time on relationships you fin unrewarding or unfulfilling.

There are many more examples, but you get the idea!….