Having recently tested positive for Covid I’m starting of a period of self imposed ‘time out’. I only tested positive yesterday, and so far I am one of the lucky ones with only minor cold like symptoms which have not stopped me working. As a result I am catching up with the outstanding email traffic and preparation for forthcoming events. An enforced time out period is an opportunity to catch up, reflect, and to plan.

This opportunity to catch up is welcome. For the last few weeks I have been operating on ‘auto pilot’ – dashing from event to event without time to really appreciate the importance of each. Reflection is a bigger challenge. Are these the activities I really want to be doing or have I just taken them on by accident? Tight diary management enables me to fit a lot in – but are they the right things. Finally, after a period of reflection, it’s time to plan – what to do more of, and less; who to see, and miss; what to buy, and not.

A very good friend puts it like this. At some point you will no longer be here, it is down to you, and you alone to decide what you do with that precious time.

Look after your health and you may have longer, focus only on things that are important and you will achieve more; spend time with friends and family and it will seem longer; keep only those things you love and you’ll enjoy them more, keep and open mind so you view the world with awe.