I’ve been watching Dan Buettner’s series on how to live to 100 (the secrets of the Blue Zone). He focus is on the importance of creating the right environment and he shows how originally this happened by chance, but through careful nurturing similar results can be achieved anywhere. He also shows how easy it to reverse these good habits and reduce life expectancy making the point that it is down to each of us – to create the right environment so not only can we live longer, but we can enjoy those extra years by remaining fit and healthy.

Buettner’s work resonates closely with EML’s research – reinforcing many of the same messages in a slightly different way. As one client put it – at some point in the future we will no longer be here, what really matters is what you do between now and then. How you choose to spend your time, how you look after your health, the people you choose to be around (and the impact you have on them), what you do with your money, the possessions you hold dear and the experiences you choose to embrace.

We only have one life – make it a good one!